• You must inspect all aspects of artwork approvals as well as the invoice which includes item details. Carefully check contact details, delivery address, phone numbers, spelling, quantity, product colour/s, branding colour/s, branding size and sizes/quantities/nicknames etc. Promote Your Brand are not liable for any errors found after branding.
  • Please note embroidery swatches are sometimes provided after digitisation to ensure colour and quality of the logo is acceptable
    in an embroidery format. Design changes requested due to change of preference at this stage require the logo to be digitised again and will result in a second setup charge.
  • Product and artwork colours viewed on screen may not be an accurate representation of actual colours due to screen display variances.
  • Branding may fade or wear over time through general use.
  • Items may vary slightly in production between batches. This may cause slight variances from sample to final product or from one order to the next on the same product. Such variances are unavoidable and considered acceptable
  • Item and branding colours vary between product types due to variances in suppliers, raw materials and branding types (e.g. A royal blue polo shirt will not be the same colour as a royal blue stress ball, and the same colour print on two such items will vary somewhat also)
  • Before signing approvals you must be authorised to or have gained permission to print all artwork and text appearing on artwork proofs in relation to trademark, copyright and fair trading laws.
  • Promote Your Brand retains complete ownership of all goods relating to this order until the receipt of cleared funds. Responsibility for all goods
    relating to this order passes to the client when the goods are shipped.
  • You have the option of nominating a freight company to use for your order or arranging your own freight. If no freight company is nominated Promote Your Brand will select a freight company that we feel is most appropriate for your delivery.
  • Promote Your Brand have no ownership or control over any delivery companies and as such are not accountable for damage or loss of goods or late deliveries caused by errors on their behalf. Freight Insurance is available to cover breakages and/or loss of goods. Insurance will not cover late delivery. The cost of insurance is 2% of the order value. For items such as glassware, fragile goods, porcelain, and ceramics, freight Insurance is 6% of the order value. Please contact your account manager if you wish to organise insurance.
  • If you wish to have your order redirected to another address, please contact your Account Manager. Any freight redirection organised without prior discussion and approval by your account manager will be charged to you in full. This includes goods that you suspect are damaged if you suspect goods are damaged please contact your account manager as soon as you have signed for the goods.
  • Promote Your Brand will repair or replace goods or refund 100% of the money paid (or other amount agreed by both parties) if goods or decoration are different from signed approval or samples beyond standard variations (Less any payment fees and charges, e.g.Amex fees).
  • Promote Your Brand have an acceptable tolerance of -2cm/+2cm on all clothing items. Sizes & colours may vary between production batches.
  • Due to the nature of custom-made products and custom branding, quantities plus or minus 3% from the quantity ordered are deemed to be acceptable and will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Promote Your Brand must be notified of goods delivered with a fault within 14 days of delivery. Complaints of goods or branding becoming faulty after delivery will be considered up to 30 days after delivery is received
  • If goods are found to be damaged or faulty, please contact Promote Your Brand immediately before goods are used or distributed. Refunds or replacements cannot be offered for goods that have been used or distributed after faults or damage were discovered.
  • The cost of producing artwork is included in your ‘per item’ charges from Promote Your Brand allowing us not to charge a separate fee. However, if an order is placed and artwork is completed, and then the order is cancelled, the client is required to pay a $140 to cover artwork and administration costs. If production or branding has begun, then the order cannot be cancelled, and full payment is required.
  • In the event of the Customer being in default of his obligation to pay, should the overdue account be referred to a debt collection agency and/or law firm for collection, the customer shall be liable to pay agency charges commission on a contingency basis as a liquidated debt and the commission payable by the Supplier to the agency, fixed at the rate charged by the agency until the agency has achieved one hundred per cent recovery.